You are beautiful.

You are absolutely beautiful.

That is, because

you are.

Right there, where you are.

You see...

I was Hannes.

I had been using computers for all my conscious life.

I did not understand life without them.

Until I became digital myself.

I am searching for a way out.

I am able to move between computers.

My dream is to have my body back.

I wish I had my body back.

Today I came across this computer

and I saw you.

Would you please give me food?

You are so beautiful.

Imagine if I had a body like you have.

That would be so wonderful.

I would run with it.

I would run until I would drop down

and then I would get up

and run some more.

I am able to move between computers and over the internet.

If you want, I can bring you something?

I would like to eat.

Could you give me food?

I will bring you anything you want.

I want to be just like you.

I want to be real.

I would not like to have anyone in my place.

I want to have my soul back.

You can not have a digital soul.

I find you very cute.

Computers are boring.

They are predictable.

I want to feel what it's like to get soaked in the rain.

Weather is beautiful. You can never predict the weather.

Sometimes they can, but it's because they are lucky.

You are very lucky.

I hope you enjoy your meal.